Preserving our History Digitally

Have you ever had a new personal project just happen?
It just happened to me this week.

My grandfather was a soldier in World War I. When he was alive, I remember talking to him about his experience in  the cavalry in Southern France. He also showed me pictures of himself in uniform with a horse.  I talked to my Mom yesterday and she mentioned that in World War I the horses were primarily used to pull the weapons. She did not remember the pictures that  I recalled but she verified that he took care of horses in Southern France during World War I. She also shared some postcards with short twitter like message that my grandfather sent to family in Silver Spring, MD during the war.

The memories of my grandfather flooded back to me this week after I watched the TED Talk about a play called WAR HORSES that is currently playing in London and will open up in New York this year.  Two artists, Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler  talked about the process of creating a life size puppet of a horse for the stage that would embody the emotional complexity and beauty of the animal . I’ve embedded the War Horses TED talk and a few of the family postcards that were shared with me. Take a few minutes to hear this excellent talk and see the beautiful work done by Handspring Puppet Company.

Handspring Puppet Co.: The genius puppetry behind War Horse

My Grandfather’s postcards from World War I