Change by Design is by the CEO and President of IDEO. It is a recent publication that successfully advocates for integrating DESIGN THINKING into all aspects of our lives. He lays out the process of design thinking from concept development to prototyping to implementation. He talks about the T-shaped person who is “confident enough of their expertise that they are willing to go beyond it.” Another saying in the firm is that : “All of us are smarter than any of us“. “A design thinker may be architects who have studied psychology, artists with MBAs, or engineers with marketing experience. ”

The one criteria that made me especially pleased with was the criteria of “Promoting a Culture of Optimism” I feel that optimism can get a bad rap so I was excited to see this criteria for promoting a culture of experimentation and successful innovation. We continue to hear that times are tough – Tim Brown makes a case that design thinkers have a major role to play in our climb out of our economic malaise. This book was a well written and fast read and I was very happy to have started 2010 with it. Check out the awesome MIND MAP for the book at the IDEO website.