Mobile lessons learned & data mining at Health 2.0 STAT Meetup

There was a wonderful Health 2.0 STAT Meetup sponsored by Aquilent, Palladian Partners, MicroStrategy and Sapient on February 10, 2011 in Bethesda, Maryland. The organizers assembled a dynamic group of speakers who had 5 minutes each to talk about a Health 2.0 project or strategy that they were working on.  The talks were followed by a panel moderated on this evening by Doug Naegele of Infield Health.

Don’t Worry, Be Appy!

The first speaker Jody Engle, a nutritionists with the Communications Program at the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements, had  the catchiest  presentation title  of the evening,  “Don’t Worry be Appy!”.  Jody led the effort to design and develop a free ODS iPhone and IPad App called My Dietary Supplements (MYDS). I really appreciated her sharing her lessons learned on the project.  She shared that her  initial impression of the project was that it would be cool and fun but once it was finished she could then move onto another cool and interesting project. What she found out is that designing and developing an App is more akin to developing a website than is typically assumed. It’s never done. New iterations, privacy and security are just a few of the ongoing issues to address after launching a site.

Open Data and Health

Susanne Rainey is a senior strategists at Forum One Communications where she is currently working on the global online community Children’s Healthy Newborn Network.  Here talk was on Open Data and Health.  Her question was :

Since health information abounds on the internet how do we leverage open data to improve health?

The proposal was that there is a 4th scientific paradigm after Theory, Experimentation, and Computation and Simulation. The computer scientist, Jim Gray proposed Data Mining as a new paradigm. By developing new tools to analyze and visualize data we can predict outcomes and develop new health solutions.

Cristian Liu, project lead for at HHS  gave a rapid fire overview of the site  This exciting project ia scheduled to launch on February 15th.  Stay Tuned!

Digital Media and Behavioral Change

Carol Schechter of AED’s Center for Health Communication provided information on how digital media had been shown to lead change in behavior.  The case study that she discussed was an influenza project for the CDC called the Flu Ends with U.

Shopping for Health

Kim Fawcett of IQ Solutions talked about her work on SAMHSA’s New Store for information on behavioral health.

It was a great evening. I had a number of takeaways but I think the first one that I can put  to use is to view the designing of a mobile app as akin to a website. I will look forward to the launch of which is coming soon and to continuing to look at new ways of working with open health data.

Thanks to the speakers but also to the terrific sponsors!