The Digital Museum and Teens

Digital Museum, A Think Guide which is published by the American Association of Museums contains a number of fascinating essays about the impact that the technology revolution has had on museums.  There is an essay called ” Museums connecting with Teens Online” that describes projects like RAW CANVAS by the Tate Museum in London as well as the Red Studio: A Site for Teens by MOMA . ( The authors of the essay worked on Red Studio)  One issue that I find compelling is the publication date of the text,  2007. Facebook and MySpace are mentioned in the essay but this was still before social media and smart phones fully exploded onto the scene.

Here are some issues to keep in mind with designing for tools online.

  • Museums want to integrate online social networks with their educational programming to reach broader audiences.
  • Teens are looking for a sense of ownership and involvement with content.
  • Teens want sites that look elegant not flashy.
  • Teens have an attraction to authenticity.
  • Teens are not afraid to ask questions about the meaning and purpose of art.

If you go to the  current MOMA Online Teen page site today you will notice that Red Studio is considered an archived site. Don’t let that deter you. Some of the interactivity will require the use of Flash but the interactive collage as well as the DADA poem interactive are well worthy taking a look at. ENJOY!