Visualization on the Web

Visualization has been a topic of interest for designers and clients for a number of years.

"""Wikipedia, in the category Visualization (computer graphics) defines visualization “as any technique for creating images, diagrams or animations with the intent of communicating a message.” Visualization is  a method for communicating complex ideas that are both abstract and concrete.  It is used in the classroom to instruct, and to communicate  study results in our labs, companies and institutions.  The reach of visualization will continue to grow as the technology tree continues to develop new offshoots.  The subcategories for the discipline include scientific visualization, educational visualization,  data visualization, information visualization and product visualization.

My current focus in visualization is Information Visualization and Data Visualization. The web is full or wonderful samples of visualization that  have been compiled around the world.

Information Visualization in Wikipedia is described as  the ” visual representation of large-scale collections of non-numerical information, such as files and lines of codes in software, library and bibliographic databases and networks of relationships on the internet and so on.

Data Visualization is described  as the visual representation of data.  The purpose and benefit of data visualization is to demonstrate and communicate the relationships between in complex data sets.


Below are  links to intriguing demos of visualization on the web.

Data Visualization Modern Approaches

A great online data visualization resource

For Flowing Data: 10 Best Visualization Projects of the Year – 2010

A selection of visualizations from the WebDesignDepot.

Information Aesthetics

Information Visualization resource that is artist and designer driven.

The work of Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte is a pioneer in the field of visualization. I had the opportunity to attend his seminar during graduate school. It was a high energetic and spirited day,

Wikipedia Resources on Visualization

Data Visualization


Information Visualization