Virtual World Research Study

Science Applications International Corporation ( SAIC) and Georgia Institute of Technology are seeking volunteers to participate in new research that will focus on the association between real world personality and avatar behavior.

Does this sound cool to you?  For more information, please call 703-312-6511 or email  the SAIC virtual world team at

Additional information is at the following URL:

As a participant, I can recommend contacting the research team. It’s been different but also fun to share what I’ve learned about Second Life. You may find the experience rewarding as well.  Finally, it is not a time intensive experience to participate in this study. I’ve included a little bit about my Second Life experience in this post but also links to resources that may be of assistance to readers that are not that familiar with virtual worlds and Second Life.

Distinct Studios produced a virtual business incubator for the Fairfax Innovation Center in Second Life a few years ago. In addition, I’ve been impressed with the Second Life environment produced by the Arlington Economic Development Authority.

Arlington Economic Development Authority

Personally, I’m seeking out art in SL. Who is making it? How cool is it?….I’m looking for inspiration.

The best plain language resource on Virtual Worlds that I have found is a PDF produced by the non-profit Educause called: “7 Things that you should know about Virtual Worlds. ”

This PDF will be very helpful if you are new to virtual worlds.

What is it?
” A virtual world is an online environment whose ” residents” are avatars representing individuals participating online.

Whose doing it?

” Many colleges and universities are experimenting with virtual worlds for educational purposes.”

Download the full PDF here:

Enjoy the Second Life resources and your travels!


Second Life
You can download and install second here.

SLurl – location based linking in Second
Learn  how to create  direct teleport links to locations in Second Life

Virtual World – From Wikipedia
Information on concepts relevant to virtual worlds.

Linden Labs
Learn about the company behind Second Life

Locations in Second Life

Old Masters Picture Gallery in Dresden – Dresden  Gallery Island in Second Life website
All of the rooms of the museum have been reconstructed true to scale.

Virtual Tourism

Virtual Exhibit from United States Holocaust Museum

Kristallnacht: The November 1938 Pogroms

You can find SLURL links and information on the exhibit here: