Adobe InDesign, Digital Magazines and the iPad

“Nothing is so dangerous as being too modern. One is apt to grow old-fashioned quiet suddenly. “

– Oscar Wilde

Illustration for Adobe Digital Magazine PostWhen I first picked picked up the iPad at the Tysons Corner Apple store in Virginia I was immediately conscious of the weight. For some reason in my mind it should have been lighter. I still loved it and wanted one – BIG TIME – but I also wanted it to be a little bit lighter. I am really delighted to hear that the next generation iPad that is in the pipeline may be both thinner and lighter.  The iPhone and the iPad are  functional,  a delight to use,  and as I recently learned accessible to users who are visually and hearing disabled.  ( I did not know that. Did you?)

At a recent InDesign User Group in Washington DC,  Adobe showcased an Adobe Digital Magazine Solution that integrates Adobe InDesign into a digital magazine workflow for the iPad. It was a great demo of a beta product by the superb Adobe evangelist, Noha Edell. Noha took the audience that filled the US Navy Archive Memorial auditorium through the process of producing an issue file ( digital magazine file) that can be tested on an iPad. A highlight of the demo was seeing the time-lapse video of a flower open on the cover of the Martha Stewart iPad magazine. It was the money shot that got the creatives in the audience very excited.

The Adobe Digital Magazine Solution key characteristics are:

  • Lets iPad users view interactive digital magazine content.
  • Print magazines designed using Adobe InDesign CS5 can be made available on mobile devices.
  • Magazine content can be supplemented with interactive content ( animation, video, and audio)
  • Users can use hand gestures to flip through a slideshow, pan images, rotate objects 360, etc.

The open beta at this time allows designers to bundle issues and to test them on the iPad. Only members of the Digital Magazine Publishing prerelease site can make the magazines available commercially.

( One major problem is the lack of accessibility since the file format at final output is jpeg.  The audience was informed that accessibility was being addressed and I hoped that a process for accessibility will be incorporated into the workflow before final release. )

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