Over, Under, Next at Hirshhorn

There has been controversy about the Hirshhorn in recent weeks over the crashing of the plans for the Bubble architectural effort. While it’s not looking  good for the Bubble, the museum  should be applauded for the great programming of the past few years. Starting with the exquisite Doug Aitken’s piece, Song 1″ right through to the  AI WeiWei retrospective and of course the great Kruger installation.

They have less ambitious but still worthy exhibits that deserve attention. The show, Over, Under, Next is a an example that surveys collage and assemblage from the permanent collection.

Here are a few iPhone snapshots that I thought were interesting but there are many other great works. The  Rauschenberg “Combine”  included a wall label that quotes Jasper Johns as describing his work as “painting playing the game of scuplture”.


Robert Rauschenberg, Hirshhorn Permanent Collection


Artist, Yayoi Kusama, Flower OverCoat, Hirshhorn Permanent Collection


Dubuffet, Permanent Collection of the Hirshhorn