Book Shout Out: Design is a Job

The fall season is in full swing. My summer was spent in the sweltering heat but also reading a number of books. One of the books I read is now on my top ten list of best professional design resources. It is Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro. This book contains the type of wisdom that you are rarely taught in school. It’s conversational, entertaining but also convincing.

As I was reading it, I kept thinking I was wish that I had this information years ago!

In school, the focus is on how to be creative and to produce your work. Managing a career may be a topic left until the final year and then often the final months of your college or design school experience.

No worries!  Mike Monteiro’s book picks up the slack. If you are new to your career, get this book. If your mid-career get this book. He discusses clients, contracts, lawyers, negotiations, process, presentations, money and much more.

On Networking

You hear a lot about the importance of networking to maintaining a professional career. An updated kernel of truth about networking is in “Design is a Job

“ Research is a fundamental part of design. Networking is just research plus manners.”  – Mike Monteiro

You can find this book as well as other design resource on the site A Book Apart.