Experiments in Adobe Ideas

Tools change. Ideas remain the same. I joined the Adobe Creative Cloud at the end of August and have been experimenting in order to get  a feel for the workflow between the Ipad application, Adobe Ideas and the Adobe Creative Suite 6 software in particular Adobe Illustrator 6. There are loads of opportunities for setting up a dynamic, fluid and colloborative workflow with clients. Below are some of my initial Adobe Ideas drawing experiments of my cats.

They were done with a stylus on in Adobe Ideas for the iPad, uploaded to the the Adobe Creative Cloud and downloaded to Adobe Illustrator 6 on a desktop. My favorite part of the workflow is the retention of the Adobe Ideas layers in Illustrator. Having the layers come through with the .ideas file extension allows for more editing flexibility in Illustrator.

Enjoy the sketchs!

Adobe Ideas Sketch of Zizek

Adobe Ideas Sketch of Zizek 4

Adobe Ideas Sketch of Zizek 3

Adobe Ideas Sketch of Zizek