2 Modern Art Museums & The Web

The Phillips Collection and the Hirshhorn Museum and Scuplture Garden have recently launched polished website redesigns that are worth a look.

The Phillips Collection

Phillips Collection Web site screen shot The Phillips Collection has adapted the current generation of web design with a clear sharp layout that communicates the breadth of their programs.

It’s a lovely site that covers the history of the museum, scheduled events, current exhibits, and other relevant content.

It’s good to see the blog, “Experiment Station” in the top navigation and the artist’s videos are worth a browse. The multimedia exhibits could be further developed but I enjoyed the mini module for the recent Jasper John’s exhibit.

The Phillips Collection is a beautiful place that requires multiple visits.

The new site may be the same.

The Hirshhorn

The Hirshhorn website redesign reflects the experimentation and excitement surrounding their recent exhibits.

The top navigation is standard with drop down menus. When you click on a link the interface shifts to the left and the right to reveal an interface of square and rectangular blocks with either text, a photograph with text or a link to a video. Clicking on a square will bring up a smaller window with descriptive text, images, or a video.

I found that the site got more interesting the more I spent time on it.

It felt a little like an afternoon spent in a good museum.