Hillman Curtis: Web Pioneer

Yesterday, I was very sad to hear about the passing of Hillman Curtis. He was a role model, an artist and groundbreaking designer in digital media .  I spent countless hours with his book, Flash Web Design. It opened up a new direction and showed the potential of the web for creative visual expression.

I used his book MTIV, Process, Inspiration, and Practice for the New Media Designer as a text book for my multimedia design courses at George Mason University. While I loved the book personally, it was an extra joy for me to see it light a fire for students. Today, I keep the book on my shelf in my home studio.

In recent years, he focused on film making.  I plan in the next few days to take a look at his Artist Series but can recommend his first feature length film documentary on David Byrne,  Rise, Ride & Roar.  I wrote about the film in an entry last summer that I called Learning from a Master at Work.

The film is a homage to ideas,  hard work and the creative life.