Public Art “SONG 1” by Doug Aitken

Last night,  we drove to the National Mall to see the new “liquid architecture” exhibit at the Hirshhorn by the artist, Doug Aitken. The Mall itself had a red glowish tint in the early evening. We parked closer to the end of the mall then we needed to but it allowed us to walk up to the experience and see it unfold. As we rounded the bend after the Smithsonian Castle, we saw a grouping of people leaning against the sculpture garden wall. The scene was quiet and respectful. All you could hear was the songI Only Have Eyes for You” as a series of images appeared against the curved Hirshhorn’s facade. The walls seemed to dissipate. We quietly walked into the rotunda area and around the museum. We saw small but intently focused groups of people taking in the work. Some couples were quietly removed from others while larger groups seemed to have formed spontaneously. No one was speaking but everyone seemed at rest.

Photo Credits: Jay Townsend

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  1. This is good to know – I thought it was coming sometime next year. Will have to check it out! Thanks Mary and great photos Jay.

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