Snaphots & a Wild Cat with Cool Ears

It’s fair to say that this entry is an excuse to post another cool cat picture. It’s also another excuse to talk about the Phillips Collection exhibit SnapShot again. This image of a cool cat called a Caracal is at the National Zoo in Washington DC. I happened to call my Mom yesterday as she was watching this Caracal. She spent a minute describing it to me. I had the image in my mind’s eye  of this cat with big ears that I’ve seen on my own visits to the zoo.

Then I got on the phone with my brother, John.  John snapped a photo on his iPhone and it showed up in my email box in less than a minute.

Caracal Snapshot at the National Zoo

Photo Credit: John Higgins

I love history. In fact, I’m kinda of crazy for it so I often look at situations in an historical context. After seeing SnapShot and enjoying the photos in the catalog all week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how technology continuously changes our ways of perceiving.  The first owners of personal cameras would have to send their cameras to Kodak for development before seeing their snapshots. I received this snapshot in a matter of seconds.