Drew Berry: Biomedical Animator and Björk Collaborator

The current UK edition of WIRED magazine features the cover article WHERE APPS GO NEXT, BJÖRK REINVENTS THE IPAD.  It’s a catchy headline meant to grab your attention, and in this instance there’s something to it. Björk is creating a new art form.

The key idea behind this project was that each song’s lyrics would, as she says, “dwell on a scientific theme that attempts to match it’s musical concern.” One of her collaborators (mentioned two weeks ago in our first entry on Biophillia) is the biomedical animator, Drew Berry.

His efforts with Björk haven’t been released yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t check out other work to understand why his artistic vision fits well into this project.

Drew is based in Australia and works out of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. His animations focus on the micro-visualization of cells, DNA and proteins and has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the world.

An article in Society of  Digital Artists provides insight into his thought:

My approach is the opposite tack to simplifying the science,” says Berry. “Rather than dumbing it down, I set out to show the audience exactly what the scientists are talking about. By building accurate visualizations founded on real scientific data, the animations come alive of their own accord, engage the audience, and go a long way towards explaining what the science is about. The science is rich, detailed and fascinating, and if you can watch it in action, you will intuitively get to know how it works.”

Breathtaking is an appropriate description of his work! The App should rock!

Body Code and DNA by Drew Berry

This is a selection of biomedical animations of the human body at the molecular scale and designed for museum and gallery exhibitions.

Apoptosis and Signal Transduction by Drew Berry (2006)

I found this video to be hypnotic:

Malaria Part 1 by Drew Berry (2008)

This has one scary mosquito in it: