How is reaching Hispanics Through Mobile

This past Thursday, June 9, 2011 was one of the hottest days so far this year in the Washington DC area. June 9 was also the day that I attended a HOT new Meetup group called “Reaching Latinos Online” at the offices of Rock Creek Strategic Marketing in Chevy Chase, MD. The event was organized by Carla Briceno of Bixal and co-sponsored by Bixal and Scott Johnson, Co-Founder of  Rock Creek Strategic Marketing. Bixal started the Reaching Latinos Online Meetup group “to develop a community in the Greater Washington DC area focused on sharing useful information on the Hispanic market and innovative strategies to engage and serve Latinos using culturally-relevant communications and approaches.”

This was the group’s 3rd Meetup but the first that I was able to attend.  I was engaged and informed by the dynamic speaker, Laura Godfrey, manager of the website, GobiernoUSA. gov. helps Spanish speakers find official government information on the internet.  The focus is on practical information and it helps acculturate newcomers to government issues such as the IRS.  It has a focus on U.S Hispanics but not surprisely has gained a large international audience as well.

Laura took her audience through the process of producing the mobile version of including the thought and evaluation that went behind many of the decisions.   Their primary goal was to make information as easy to access as possible. One major decision was whether to produce an app or a mobile website for smartphones. They decided on a standards-based optimized site for a number of reasons including that it was simple to access, well suited to the content, easy to deploy, and less costly to produce.

Some of the interesting information that informed their decision included “smartphones outselling PCs in the last quarter of 2010” and “visits to from mobile were up 283% over the past years“.  These amazing result could not be ignored.

In addition to these results,  Laura discussed what they discovered about how Hispanics use mobile technology.

This included:

  • Hispanics are less likely to have home internet connections.
  • 76% of Hispanics have a mobile phone
  • 45% of those have a smartphone
  • Hispanics are significantly more likely to use their phone to access the Internet.
  • They are more likely to text, create and share new media.

Source: Nielsen, Forrester, Pew Hispanic Center and

In fact, Hispanic mobile users are in a category called the “super-connected”. They are more likely to “leapfrog” over the PC to mobile smart phones.

You can check out the new mobile site on your smart phone by typing in

The interface design is very streamlined.

The key screen features are :

  • search
  • original content
  • contact information
  • social media

It is also optimized for standards-based browsers.

Carla Briceno, the organizer, announced that “Reaching Latinos Online” would next meet up in the fall. If you are in the Washington area, I recommend budgeting the time to attend.  Thanks again to the speaker, Laura Godfrey of,  the organizer Carla Briceno of Bixal (Twitter: @Bixal) and the fantastic host Scott Johnson,  Co-Founder of Rock Creek Strategic Marketing (Twitter: @sjohnson123).

Thank you for your attention! Have a good week!


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