The Walking Gallery – Medical Arts Advocacy

Pablo Picasso is known for saying that he felt that art was both a form of magic but also a type of weapon. Most of his work was a visual diary of his daily life.  Guernica, a painting that  came out of one of the few commissions that he accepted became a universal symbol for the horrors of war. I had the opportunity to see this painting in New York in the early 80s shortly before it was returned to the Prado in Madrid. I remember feeling in awe and spent some time trying to take it in.

One of the lessons of Guernica is that it reminds us that we as individuals need to call to mind how what happens around us impacts us all.  – Both large events and small scale events. – Even if we want to tune it out. It has an impact.  Art has a huge impact because of it’s influence on perception, awareness and emotion.

Regina Holiday is an artist and a leader in medical arts advocacy. She has organized a unique art event called the Walking Gallery to be held June 7, 2011 at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health in downtown Washington. She has invited other artists including myself to participate. The show will draw attention to patient and medical advocacy through the use of images that have been painted on formal business jackets.  The art for the show will not be hung on the wall. It will be worn.

I am working on a few interwoven themes. I have only recently learned about the connection  between heart disease and depression but I am also interested in issues surrounding medical advocacy for senior citizens. Right now, I am personally immersed in the challenges that my parents who are 81 and 83 face and plan to explore them through images. My personal art work is often abstract. I create images that may not be realistic but are meant to suggest real objects.

Here is an image of the first jacket.  There will be more to come.


Have a good week!