Change by Design – Culture of Prototyping – getting ideas down fast and effectively

I should call this posting Change by Design – Part 2.  One thing that Tim Brown talked about that I didn’t mention in my initial posting is getting your ideas down quickly and the importance of prototyping. Prototyping is the process of visualizing your ideas quickly so that you can test them rapidly and make changes and discard the idea if needed. – hopefully you will end up evolving the concept. I’ve been drawing since I was pretty young so his discussion of using drawing to visualize his ideas was familiar to me- comfortable in fact – but what I gained from a close read was how protoyping concepts and ideas in many ways should be quick, dirty, – very not pretty – but also done cheaply. If you spent to much time and money prototyping you run the risk of becoming to enamored by your concept when the idea is to test and experiment with your idea.

The goal is to see if you can visualize the idea, evolve it and test it. He also talked about another aspect of the IDEO culture that they have been evolving probrably since the beginning of the company. He talked about how they often as  a team look at the ” outer edges” of what you might expect to solve a problem. They had one designer who checked into an emergency room so that he could experience the emergency room from the perspective of a patient. – The designer gained a great deal from the experience. He also talked about how his team brought on a plus size fitness trainer when they were commissioned to address concerns regarding obesity. – All so that they could begin to look at things from a different perspective. Finally, he addressed that today the services that we provide adress the issue of our Experience. Consumers and Clients are looking at our experience of a service. As Design Thinkers we are tasked with the creation of experiences as much as the creation of objects. Food for Thought!