Using InDesign to create EPUB files

Today the Washington Post ran an article on the e-book gold rush which described how this revolution in technology has created new avenues for creative writers and artists to by pass the traditional means of publishing. The article described how a romance novelist who was dropped by her publisher was able to turn her writing career around with e-publishing avenues.  eBooks are big but they are also part of a movement where creative artists of various mediums have used the internet and new technology to break old models and to become self published musicians, visual artists and writers.  There are well established musicians like Robert Fripp, Daniel Lanois and David Byrne making their music and activities accessible online as well as filmmakers like David Lynch who makes his films and art available through his website.

Below are training tips and resources that I have found helpful as I’ve self trained. Stay tuned for additional updates! Have a good week.

Key Design Challenges for the EPUB format.

  • Multiple Screens – Multiple formats (Formating is based on device )
  • Content must be reflowable
  • User can modify the size of the text on the reader
  • Graphics must be inline (Placed or embedded into the text)

Recommended Adobe TV Videos

Good introductory videos for Using InDesign to create eBooks

Indesign to Create Digital Books Part 1 Part 1 provides an overview of the InDesign’s capabilities for developing pubs for a variety of readers.

InDesign to Create Digital Books Part 2: Text flow and formating covered.

InDesign to Create Digital Books Part 3

Instant InDesign: Creating an Ebook with InDesign

Good reinforcement of prior videos and new version of software.

CS5 and Using Indesign to develop for the Ipad and Iphone

Excellent well structure  introduction by Adobe evangelist Terry White.


Adobe Developer Connection Digital Publishing Section